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Department of

Languages, Cultures and Literatures


Core Curriculum Program

Please read the placement policy of this department before enrolling

in your first Chinese class at USD or elsewhere.

The typical student begins in Chinese 101 (first semester Mandarin) and progresses to Chinese 201 to complete the Core Curriculum requirement.

However, students with a strong background in Mandarin Chinese (having studied it previously or learned it in a non-academic setting) may be able to skip 101, and begin with Chinese 102 (second semester Mandarin).

Students who have completed Chinese 102 at any college or university may satisfy the requirement by taking only Chinese 201 (third semester Mandarin).

We offer very advanced students the opportunity of taking our own Competency Exam in lieu of 201. To learn more, please read "Competency Exam."

Major and Minor in Asian Studies

While the department does not offer a minor in Chinese, students may elect to major in Interdisciplinary Humanities with a concentration in Chinese in either the Asian Studies or Humanities track or to minor in Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary program anchored in the history department.

Upper-division courses will be completed in disciplines such as history, philosophy, political science, and theology and religious studies. These courses are conducted in English. With the prior permission of their directors, Chinese 294, 394 and 499 may be counted toward the requirements of both programs.