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Women's and Gender Studies

Susie Paulik Babka

Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

Susie Paulik Babka, PhD, is excited to be a part of the community at USD that seeks to intertwine Beauty with Justice.  Beauty is that which draws us out of ourselves toward something deeper; Justice is the practical work of transforming this world into the world intended by God: a world that celebrates the dignity of every human being, our inherent interdependence, and the worth of all creation.


Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
M.A., University of Notre Dame
M.T.S., Duke University Divinity School
B.A., University of Notre Dame, Theology
B.A., University of Notre Dame, The Program of Liberal Studies

Scholarly and Creative Work

"Arius, Superman, and the Tertium Quid: When Popular Culture Meets Christology." Irish Theological Quarterly 73 (2008): 113-132.

"The Trinity in the Gnadenstuhl Motif: Illustrating the Cross as Event of the Triune God," In God's Grandeur: The Arts and Imagination in Theology, ed. David Robinson (Maryknoll: Orbis, 2007).

Currently working on a book, Christology of the Mercy Seat: Imagining the God Who Suffers and articles exploring the relationship between abstract art and spirituality and the incarnation and interreligious dialogue. 

Teaching Interests

Christology; the doctrine of God (Trinity); the problem of catastrophic suffering; theological aesthetics and the connection between art and the sacred; feminist and liberation theologies; the Frankfurt School