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Department of

Ethnic Studies


The Ethnic Studies minor is an 18-unit program, consisting of 6 lower-division units and 12 upper-division units, including the following:

  1. ETHN 100D – Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)
  2. One of the following: ETHN 220D, ETHN 230D, ETHN 240D, or ETHN 250D (3)
  3. Students must take a total of 12 units of elective coursework. Students must take at least one course that is comparative (ETHN 360-369, 460-469) and at least one with an ethnic-specific emphasis that is different from the course taken at the Lower-Division Level (requirement #2). One course must be a “C” community-based or community service-learning course.

For students who entered the University before Fall 2012, please consult your advisor.