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Department of

Ethnic Studies

Eugene M. Labovitz and Gail A. Perez Lecture Series

The Labovitz-Perez Lecture Series honors Eugene Labovitz, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, and Gail Perez, professor of English and Ethnic Studies; faculty co-founders  of the Ethnic Studies program and  guiding spirits  of the United Front Multicultural Center at the University of San Diego. This annual lecture honors Dr. Labovitz’s and Dr. Perez’ contributions by bringing renowned scholars to the USD campus who as practitioners, theorists, and social action researchers, contribute to the field of Ethnic Studies. Each year a scholar/activist presents their work to and educates our students and the campus community on the importance of teaching and research on Ethnic Studies in higher education.

Previous Labovitz-Perez Lectures:

12th Annual Labovitz-Perez Lecture - 2014
The Essential Role of Community Engagement in Ethnic Studies Pedagogy

Glenn K. Omatsu
Educator and co-editor of "Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment,"
Here's the web stream for this lecture

11th Annual Labovitz-Perez Lecture - 2013
Environmental Justice and the State of Exception

Devon Peña
Professor, Author, and founder and president of The Acequia Institute.
Here's the web stream for this lecture

10th Annual Labovitz Lecture - 2012
Medical Apartheid
Harriet Washington
Medical writer, editor, and author

9th Annual Labovitz Lecture - 2011
Building Sustainability: Economics for the 7th Generation

Winona LaDuke
Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe) activist, environmentalist, and writer
Here's the web stream for this lecture

8th Annual Labovitz Lecture - 2010
The Activism of Inside Out: Inner Dialogue in Music, Poetry, and Film

Vejea Jennings
Writer, Poet, Activist, Teacher
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7th Annual Labovitz Lecture- 2009
Who should be Ashamed when it comes to Undocumented Immigrants

Maria Elena Durazo
Executive Secretary -Treasurer
Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Here’s the web stream for this lecture:

6th Annual Labovitz Lecture- 2008
Ethnic Studies and the Gospel of Self-Efficacy

Dr. May C. Fu
Postdoctoral Fellow
National Center for Institutional Diversity
University of Michigan
Here's the web stream for this lecture:


5th Annual Labovitz Lecture- 2007
Human Rights, Social Action, and the Path to Peace

Dr. Andrea Smith
Native American Studies
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
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