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Biology Syllabi

Courses for Non-Majors

Biology 101 (Survey of Biology)
Biology 102 (Ecology and Environmental Biology
Biology 104 (Topics in Human Biology)
Biology 105 (Human Physiology and Neurobiology)
Biology 110 (Life Science for Educators)
Biology 115 (Physiology of Exercise)


Courses for Biology Majors

Biology 190 (Introduction to Genetics, Ecology and Evolution)
Biology 221 (Biology of Organisms)
Biology 221L (Biology of Organisms Lab)
Biology 225 (Introduction to Cell Processes
Biology 225L (Introduction to Cell Processes Lab)
Biology 300 (Genetics)
Biology 300L (Genetics Lab)
Biology 301 (Biostatistics)
Biology 310 (Evolution)
Biology 312 (Molecular Methods in Evolutionary Biology)
Biology 318 (Principles of Biogeography)
Biology 320 (Evolution of Vertebrate Structure)
Biology 325 (Developmental Plant Anatomy)
Biology 330 (Histology)
Biology 342 (Microbiology)
Biology 344 (Plant Systematics)
Biology 346 (Vertebrate Natural History)
Biology 348 (Insect Biology)
Biology 350 (Invertebrate Zoology)
Biology 350 (Invertebrate Zoology)

Biology 361 (Ecological Communities of San Diego County
Biology 364 (Conservation Biology)
Biology 374 (Neurobiology)
Biology 376 (Animal Development)
Biology 416 (Population Biology)
Biology 432 (Electron Microscopy)
Biology 451W (Biological Oceanography)
Biology 460W (Ecology)
Biology 466 (Behavioral Ecology)
Biology 468 (Marine Ecology)
Biology 472 (Plant Physiology)
Biology 477 (Invertebrate Physiology)
Biology 477L (Invertebrate Physiology Lab)
Biology 478 (Vertebrate Physiology)
Biology 478L (Vertebrate Physiology Lab)
Biology 480 (Cell Physiology)
Biology 480LW (Cell Physiology Lab)
Biology 482 (Molecular Biology)
Biology 484 (Immunology)
Biology 494 (Topics in Biology)
Biology 495 (Senior Seminar)