Advancing Female Faculty in STEM

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To further NSF’s objective of diversifying the faculty landscape of STEM subjects, the University of San Diego created the Advancement of Female Faculty: Institutional climate, Recruitment and Mentoring (AFFIRM) program. It aims to boost the University of San Diego’s recruiting efforts of female faculty, especially those of color, in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

AFFIRM will improve the experiences and career development of all women faculty through its three interconnected goals:

Goal 1

Foster an environment that understands, embraces and supports a diverse faculty

  • Action 1.1: Establish baselines for institutional climate and measure perceptions of institutional
    factors related to hiring and advancement.
  • Action 1.2: Utilize interactive theatre to engage faculty and administrators in a campus-wide
    dialogue on issues affecting female faculty, particularly female faculty of color.This is a list

Goal 2

Recruit women faculty, with a particular emphasis on women of color

  • Action 2.1: Create and implement new faculty recruitment strategies to attract women faculty,
    especially women of color.

Goal 3

Support the retention and advancement of female faculty

  • Action 3.1: Implement workshops that target key career transition points and necessary skills,
    and address other barriers identified through the Climate Survey and Focus Groups
  • Action 3.2: Establish a comprehensive mentoring program
  • Action 3.3: Host Visiting Distinguished Professors who will address strategies to retain and
    advance female faculty, especially female faculty of color

"I am very interested in broadening participation in STEM. I would like to work with faculty in other departments in order to recruit more women and people of color into the STEM fields and support them in order to assure success. "
Amanda Ruiz, PhD, Mathematics and Computer Science