Marketing can be seen every day, everywhere in great graphics, catchy commercials and trendy social media posts—but the marketing process starts well before it’s ever seen, with analyzing consumer behavior, creating lasting relationships with consumers and understanding pricing and logistics. The marketing major in the School of Business expands our perceptions of what it means to be a marketer and gives broad exposure to the marketing field.

The marketing department in the School of Business offers multiple tracks. In any track, you’ll take business core classes covering operations, information systems, macroeconomics and more, providing you with a strong foundation that you can leverage in the competitive 21st century marketplace. You’ll also have a choice of a wide range of electives including global marketing, professional selling, digital marketing, marketing analytics, advertising campaigns and more. These courses will help focus your career path toward these possible tracks:

  • Analytics—through ‘big data,’ learning to understand patterns and trends
  • Sales—learning how to develop consumer relationships and channel partners
  • Product management—learning the life cycle of a product: strategy planning, forecasting and execution
  • Advertising and digital marketing—learning how to persuade consumers through communications to take a specific action 

The marketing program in the School of Business is ranked #42 in the nation, according to USA Today and College Factual.

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