Continuing Education

The University of San Diego’s Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate offers a certificate program designed specifically for real estate, finance and development industry professionals who want to expand their practical knowledge base and learn today's most cutting-edge real estate best practices. This certificate, which can be completed within 12 months, will document your academic achievement in an area of specialized expertise, provide value-added benefits for your company, update your professional skills and knowledge to be more proficient in your field and could potentially increase your salary.

The certificate is designed to provide top competitive skills in the financing, developing, managing, marketing and selling of a commercial real estate project. Additionally, students will explore the legal, entitlement and environmental aspects as well as other important elements of development and project management.

Sign up for the Real Estate Finance, Investments and Development Certificate. For more information on the real estate certificate program, contact John Ferber at (619) 260-7513.