Cross-Cultural Negotiations


This course examines the key features of integrative and distributive negotiations, such as BATNAs, target points, anchoring, resistance points and creating options. It also explores critically important methods of persuasion, how to use such methods effectively and how to defend against them. We will focus on issues of leadership, ethics and trust, difficult people and circumstances, problem solving and creativity, multi-party negotiations and team negotiations–and how these issues may be further complicated when negotiating in a cross-cultural context. The learning environment is interactive and experiential, and includes open discussion, negotiation simulations, the opportunity to analyze and evaluate disparate outcomes to the simulations and direct instructor feedback.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proper preparation for a negotiation
  • Recognize the effects of trust, reputation and relationship on negotiation
  • Prepare for nuances and complexities of multi-party and team negotiations
  • Recognize, apply, and defend against various methods of influence
  • Identify leadership opportunities and demonstrate leadership when negotiating
  • Apply problem solving skills and creative thinking towards cross-cultural negotiations

Seminar Dates: September 23, 28 and 30
Time: 6-9 p.m.

Total Seminar Hours: 9

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L. BarkacsLinda Barkacs, associate professor of business law, received her JD from the University of San Diego and embarked on a career spanning legal, business and academia. Often representing the underdog in high-profile civil and business litigation cases, she and Craig Barkacs, professor of business law at USD, achieved outstanding results litigating opposite the most powerful law firms in the country. Barkacs teaches and publishes in topics on negotiation, corporate social responsibility, law and international business. She teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. She has traveled and taught extensively throughout South America, Asia and Europe. Barkacs is principal in the Barkacs Group, which provides negotiation consulting and training in the private sector. She is co-author of McGraw-Hill's best selling textbook Dynamic Business Law (third-edition) and has won numerous teaching awards.