Global Business Strategy Certificate

To prepare the next generation of global business leaders, the Ahlers Center for International Business developed the Certificate in Global Business Strategy (GBS) to help business professionals focus on new product, market and leadership topics in a global setting.

The Global Business Strategy Certificate program provided me with a meaningful educational experience that allowed me to learn and discuss important business trends and cases with highly talented professionals. While most of the discussions dealt with "hands on" application for business, they were based on solid business theory developed by well known academics.

- Eduardo R. Diaz
  Professor, CETYS University

The seminar was a great investment of my time and money. The primary takeaways are clear and relevant and I will be able to apply them immediately in my work as a distribution and strategy consultant for a large U.S. firm.

- Eric R. Gomez
  Vice President, Max InterAmericas

A comprehensive collection of seminars are held each year, directed at those looking to conduct business internationally or to improve global business practices currently in place. View the schedule to see how the Certificate in Global Business Strategy can help you grow and expand your operations abroad.

Now is the perfect time to earn a professional certificate from the University of San Diego.

You can choose to enroll in the comprehensive Certificate in Global Business Strategy or in a single seminar.

USD Alumni receive a 15 percent discount on enrollment. Email for discount code.

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