Branches of AS

This is the current organizational structure of the AS Positions:

Chart showing Associated Students structure

Executive Team
President T.J. Hodges

Vice President Danielle Priore

Speaker of the Senate Shalin Shah
Communications Chair Daniel McConville

Finance Chair Tabitha Plummer

Torero Program Board Chair Jordyn Corrington

Chief of Staff Matthew Smith
Controller Julio Morales 

Director of Brand Marketing Christian Kurtela
Director of Media Marketing Max Pedrotti

Director of Recruitment Alec Bangert

Torero Program Board
Vice Chair of Entertainment Victoria Simon 

Vice Chair of Main Events Nicole Abraham 
Vice Chair of Special Events Austin Lords

Concerts Coordinator Pitrina Gilger

After Dark Coordinator Niko DeLaurentis

Novelty Coordinator Peter Breslin

Spotlight Coordinator Katie Murphy

Spirit and Traditions Coordinator Shermee Randolph

Campus Life Coordinator Jenna Matin

Arts and Lectures Coordinator Patricia Cosulich

Multicultural Coordinator Simon Truong

Marketing Coordinator Julia Giovanni

Brand Manager Rhoda Sabatchi 


School of Business

Siphat Gujral

Will Tate

Johnny Chinchilla 

College of Arts and Sciences Vayunamu Bawa

Morgan Wolfrum

Naomi Harding

Laura Hatton

Jordan Rodrigez

Catalina O'Toole

Allison McCall

Dominick Hellen

Shannan Conlon

School of Engineering Sarah Gray

Lauren Kafka

Residential Areas Alcala Vistas - Vacant
Alcala Vistas - Vacant
Alcala Vistas - Sara Zamanian

Camino/Founders - Vacant
Maher - Vacant
Missions A - Vacant
Missions B - Vacant
SAPs/San Buenaventura - Tyler Warren

Manchester Village - Lina Wallace

UTAs - Om Kanwar

Commuter Senators Chris Nelson

Chris Hermes

Steve Provenzano

Allison Lynch

Chris Nowlin

Associated Students  Josh Coyne 
Torero Program Board  Jen Lee 

Don’t be afraid to come to the SLIC or email us to pose a student issue, ask a question, provide feedback, or give your opinion on what you would like to see us do on campus!