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CDR Doug Stephens '97 MBA

What have you been up to since graduation?
I joined the Navy in 1984 and later used my educational benefits to obtain my MBA at the University of San Diego. I'm still in the Navy and have served on Okinawa Japan, onboard the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS CARL VINSON during the first strikes of the Global War on Terror, served on the staff of the Surgeon General of the Navy, and am now the Officer-in-Charge of the David R. Ray Health Center at the Naval Station in Everett, Washington.

What is your fondest memory of USD?
When I was accepted for a commission in the Navy, I asked Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale to commission me as an officer.  I had befriended the Admiral about 10 years earlier. He said yes and I invited my professors to the ceremony onboard USS JOHN PAUL JONES. Dr. Scott Kunkel and Dr. John Ronchetto attended. My hope was that commissioning led, in some way, to the current "James Bond Stockdale Leadership Symposium" that is held at USD. The education I learned from both the Admiral and USD guide me to this day.

What is your favorite place on campus, why?
The Immaculata. There is not a more peaceful place on earth!

Who was your favorite USD professor or class?
That's hard to answer as all them (Dr. Dirk Yandell, Dr. Dianne Patteson, Dr. Seth Ellis, Dr. Shreesh Deshpande, and Dr. Scott Kunkel, to name a few) were very patient with a not-too-strong academic performer like me. If I had to choose, it would be Dr. Yandell. He balanced the inherent stress of academics with a very calm manner that made me love education for, really, the first time in my life.

How have you remained involved with USD since graduation?
I stay current via newsletters and have attended events in Washington DC, San Diego, and Seattle. Plus, the Executive Officer here at the Naval Station Everett is a USD Alum.

If you could offer a current USD student advice, what would it be?
Absorb the energy of the University of San Diego. I was an older student when I obtained my MBA, so I was in need of an education that was produced by an institution focused on quality. You will not find better professors than at USD.  You will not find a more quality education that what can be earned at USD. Where I am today is due to, in large part, the University of San Diego. Enjoy every second - I envy you!


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