Mother Rosalie Hill Hall: SOLES

Hi, I’m Carmen from Dover, New Hampshire.  I’m sitting outside Bert’s Bistro, located here in Mother Rosalie Hill Hall.  The School of Leadership and Education Sciences, commonly known among students as “SOLES”, is located in this building. This facility houses a state-of-the-art learning environment to continue supporting its three areas of focus - Leadership Studies, Learning and Teaching, School, Family and Mental Health Professions.

The building is named after one of the founders of USD, Mother Rosalie Hill.  Along with Bishop Charles Buddy, they had the vision of building a University here in San Diego. In 1949, USD was founded as two institutions – the San Diego College for Women and the College for Men.  Mother Hill was the founding president of the San Diego College for Women and served as an honorary president until her death on December 12th, 1964.  Mother Hill embodied the compassionate service and dedication to educational equality that is the foundation of the mission and vision of SOLES.

Departments located here offer a total of 13-degree programs with multiple specializations, as well as 15 credential and certificate programs.  SOLES also serves undergraduate students with minors in Leadership Studies, Education, American Humanics, and Teacher Credential programs. Undergraduates who wish to become teachers will be assigned a SOLES advisor to help them with credential requirements.  SOLES has the oldest doctoral program in Leadership Studies in the nation, which was founded more than 35 years ago.  Since 2008, as part of SOLES’ Strategic Plan and its highlight on internationalization, all SOLES students are required to participate in an international experience as part of their program requirements.

SOLES has been distinguished as one of the best graduate schools in the country and has been recognized for its support of global diversity and inclusion.  Next time you’re in the building, be sure to visit Bert’s Bistro and pick up one of their sandwiches or salads, or even try one of my favorites, their awesome coffee drinks.