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  • Brooks

    Roy L. Brooks

    Racial Justice in the Age of Obama

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  • Clausen

    Dennis Clausen

    Prairie Son

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  • Cole

    Kevin Cole

    The Little White Book of Baseball Law

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  • Duraj

    Halina Duraj

    The Family Cannon

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  • Gross

    Aaron Gross

    Animals and the Human Imagination

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  • Harnish

    David Harnish

    Divine Inspirations: Music and Islam in Indonesia

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  • Hart

    Marjorie Hart

    Summer at Tiffany

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  • Hunsaker

    Phil Hunsaker

    Managing People

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  • Jacob

    Michelle M. Jacob

    Yakama Rising

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  • James

    Kathy James

    Dr. Kathy's Health & Weight Loss Guide

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  • Libby

    Pat Libby

    The Lobbying Strategy Handbook

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  • Lobel

    Orly Lobel

    Talent Wants to Be Free

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  • Moran

    Kristin C. Moran

    Listening to Latina/o Youth

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  • Partnoy

    Frank Partnoy

    The Match King

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  • Partnoy

    Frank Partnoy

    Wait: The Art and Science of Delay

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  • Pfau

    Marianne Pfau

    The Hautboys Reed Book

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  • Reifer

    Thomas Ehrlich Reifer

    The Torturer in the Mirror

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  • Schoenherr

    Steven Schoenherr

    Chula Vista: A Century of People and Progress

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  • Simonovis

    Leonora Simonovis

    El tránsito vacilante

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  • Smith

    Steven Smith

    The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse

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  • Susan M. Lord

    Michelle M. Camacho, Susan M. Lord

    Borderlands of Education: Latinas in Engineering

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