San Diego, 2050 Is Calling.

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Facing the Future:

How science can help prepare San Diego Regional Leaders for Climate Change

Why 2050?

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Temperature & Precipitation

Expecting hot, humid heat waves and less frequent rainfall, we can alter the speed and severity of the changes ahead by reducing emissions at home and throughout the County.

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Water Resources

As water demand rises to meet a growing population, higher temperatures and more frequent drought, we can promote water-wise policies, such as conservation and increased storage.

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Coastal Flooding

To address more frequent and widespread coastal flooding, we can use smart infrastructure and natural buffers to safeguard residents and businesses.

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With warming temperatures and less frequent rains, we can defend our communities by considering fire risk in where we build and how we allocate firefighting resources.

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Nature's Benefits

By preserving our region’s beautiful coastlines, wetlands and open spaces, we can ensure our region’s unique plants and animals are here for future generations to enjoy.

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Facing extended heat waves and less nighttime cooling, we can protect our communities by properly planning our public spaces and emergency response.

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