Any students, staff, or other personnel working on the project need to complete CITI training and provide certificates. This includes laboratory students who will be working with vertebrate animals as part of a laboratory class. In cases like laboratory classes, we only require the instructors or PI’s certificate in order to review the proposal. However, students should be required to complete CITI training, and the instructor should keep their certificates on file, prior to beginning the project.

In order to complete training, go to

Click on "Register" if you are a new user, or "Log In" if you have already created an account.

Select an affiliation with the University of San Diego.

Under "Institutional Courses" click the "View Courses" link next to the University of San Diego.

Now, beneath the University of San Diego, you should have a list of Courses Ready to Begin that includes "Investigators, Staff and Students, Basic Course."

Click on the blue "Start Now" button for this course.

From here, the program will guide you through the course and you will receive a certificate when it is complete. Optional ones are to be completed as needed (e.g. Aseptic Surgery on Rats and Mice would need to be completed by someone doing that sort of thing).

If you are a student researcher, please submit your certificate to your faculty supervisor and/or laboratory manager.

Help with and general information about the CITI program is available at: