Any students, staff, or other personnel working on the project need to complete CITI training and provide certificates. This includes laboratory students who will be working with vertebrate animals as part of a laboratory class. In cases like laboratory classes, we only require the instructors or PI’s certificate in order to review the proposal. However, students should be required to complete CITI training, and the instructor should keep their certificates on file, prior to beginning the project.

In order to complete training, go to the CITI website, or through the link provided at the Office of Sponsored Programs website under the “Training” tab.

The first time that you go to this page, you will need to register as a user affiliated with USD, choose a username and password, and complete a user profile. Thereafter you can log in with their username and password.

After registering, you will be sent to a page that allows you to add courses. Ones required by USD are indicated, but most are optional. Optional ones are to be completed as needed (e.g. Aseptic Surgery on Rats and Mice would need to be completed by someone doing that sort of thing).

For most researchers and students, please complete the ‘Working with the IACUC: basic course for students, investigators, and staff’

After a course has been “passed”, a certificate of completion can be printed out or saved for upload.