Brigitte DeMeyer ‘86 has been singing since she was a little girl. But when she started raising her voice as a student every Thursday and Sunday during Mass at Founders Chapel, it was the beginning of a whole new life. Now, with the release of her new album, “Something After All,” the self-described “countrified folkie” says that doing what she loves has made her feel not only happy, but powerful.

Five Students
Five Degrees of Summer Vacation

Year three of our grand experiment — following five dewy freshmen from their first day of school through graduation — finds our intrepid quintet celebrating summer in their own inimitable style. From Mexico to the Mediterranean to the lab to the gym, the fab five don’t sit still for long.



Everyone’s a Winner, Baby Everyone’s a Winner, Baby

USD Magazine editor Julene Snyder vows to keep trying to make every issue the best one ever.

Around the Park

Commanders in Chief Commanders in Chief

Incoming A.S. President Rhett Buttle works closely with USD head honcho Mary E. Lyons.

Behind the Velvet Rope Behind the Velvet Rope

School of Law professor Junichi Semitsu spent his summer as the official embedded blogger for the Dixie Chicks. Sweet.

Aesthetically Speaking Aesthetically Speaking

Longtime collaboration between the Timken Museum and USD gives students an up-close look at the art world.

Syllabus: <em>The Black Atlantic</em> Syllabus: The Black Atlantic

Class takes students to Jamaica, where they explore black identity in the Caribbean as compared to the U.S.

All We Are Saying All We Are Saying

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice marks five years of striving for peace.

Liaison to the Outside World Liaison to the Outside World

Vice President of University Relations Tim O’Malley says the big draw in his decision to come on board was the university itself.

[etc.] [etc.]

David B. Smith departure; IPJ’s Neu receives fellowship; Katie Couric and Justice Antonin Scalia on campus.

Alumni Update

Volunteers Wanted Volunteers Wanted

Find out how to get involved helping students both on- and off-campus. Also: Shannon Smith on giving back.

Giving Back Giving Back

Alumni board member Shannon Smith is on a mission to increase alumni participation.


Quick Thinker Quick Thinker

Quarterback Josh Johnson feels responsible to those he left behind. Failure is not an option.

Well Rounded Well Rounded

Student-athletes seek balance between work, play and academics.

Point of View

A Deep Thud, Then Silence A Deep Thud, Then Silence

When Damien Minna ’04 jumped off the back of a boat, he wound up discovering the meaning of life itself.

Class Notes Articles

Into the Swim Into the Swim

Tom Lochtefeld ’77 (J.D.) is poised on the edge of a monster wave he built himself.

For Better, For Worse For Better, For Worse

What if your spouse wrote a tell-all book about your first year of marriage?

Green Elephants and Leafy Pyramids Green Elephants and Leafy Pyramids

Couple transforms hillside into a lush wonderland of whimsical magic.

New Ballgame New Ballgame

Guille Esquivel ’00 was Cuba’s team coordinator in the World Baseball Classic.

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