He started out as a surfing Texan mall rat, came to USD and accidentally got serious about what mattered to him. Now, Tim Lynch ‘95 has found his true calling as reigning Buddha of the film set, working with award-winning directors and artists.

The ABCs of Volunteering

Every day, members of the USD community help make the world a better place. They provide solace, practical advice, dollars and hope. They nurse, they teach, they build, they feed. This primer to on- and off-campus volunteering ranges from A to Z and hits all the letters in between. And these examples — ranging from wildlife conservation to serving the underserved — are just some of the many ways that students, professors, alumni and staff give of themselves. Their quiet daily efforts help put new meaning behind the university’s mission.


The Wet-Nose Express The Wet-Nose Express

The inner life of a dog is a simple one: just think long walks on the beach, belly rubs and unconditional love.

Around the Park

Time to Laugh Again Time to Laugh Again

Teaching 9/11 widows how to date again is all in a day’s work for Louise Stanger.

Broad Strokes of Hope Broad Strokes of Hope

USD professor John Halaka’s trip to Gaza and the West Bank to help paint murals gave him a taste of Palestinian life.

Unmasking the Mall Unmasking the Mall

Students turned out in force to celebrate the dedication of the new heart of the campus, the Plaza de San Diego.

Calm After the Chaos Calm After the Chaos

Hurricanes, flooding, then an outpouring of help: The campus community assists Gulf Coast evacuees.

[syllabus] [syllabus]

When water and ice meet.

Alumni Update

The Friend Connection The Friend Connection

Networks of alums spring up from sea to shining sea; grads stay connected through online community; board nominations; Alumni Honors May 6.


Pass It On Pass It On

Seniors Corey Belser and Nick Lewis lead the basketball team by setting an example, on and off the court.

Point of View

A Moveable Feast A Moveable Feast

The idea of home resonates long after we’ve moved on to unfamiliar streets. Though the places we once knew have changed forever, our memories endure.

Class Notes Articles

Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm

Medical school was going great — then came the hurricane.

Hang a Right Hang a Right

When your main ride weighs 64,000 pounds, you’d best take it easy on the turns.

A Sung Hero A Sung Hero

Though cut down in his prime, the memory of Brad Kirn ‘96 lives on through family and music.

On a Medical Mission On a Medical Mission

In remote Guatemalan villages, medical teams set up camps to help locals, some of whom have never seen or visited a doctor.

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