Finding Daniel

No longer a “lost boy,” McNair Scholar Daniel Akech James went through the gates of hell and emerged unbroken. The grueling journey that brought him from his native Sudan to Alcalá Park is a testament to the human spirit: while surviving is a triumph, thriving is a miracle.

Put Me In, Coach!

Everyone told Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Brady Clark ’95 that he couldn’t make his dreams come true. That he’d never make it in the big leagues, that he didn’t have the tools, or the size, or the speed, or the talent. It turns out that everyone was wrong.

a Five Degrees of Motivation

Now sophomores, our quintet is back for round two of our grand annual experiment in catching up with student lives. Reintroducing Brianne Butler, Carmen Gonzalez, Kendra Hoffman-Curry, Marco Martinez and Matt Rutz, members of the Class of 2008.

Around the Park

Nipped in the Bud Nipped in the Bud

With underage heavy drinking on the upswing nationwide, USD takes a proactive stance thanks to a NIHH grant.

Dr. Usatin’s Excellent Adventure Dr. Usatin’s Excellent Adventure

An awesome 56-year-old grandma became the first person to ride a personal watercraft solo from Canada to Mexico.

The Real Deal The Real Deal

Alumna’s documentary delves beneath the surface to explore the quest for authenticity in the lives of young people.

School Song Hits a High Note School Song Hits a High Note

Spirit, loyalty and tradition: What’s not to like about the
sentimental ditty known as our new school song?

The Eloquent Advocate

Central Park



All the Right Moves All the Right Moves

Versatility is key when players Adam Hannula and Nick Garton take their spots on the gridiron.


In Due Time In Due Time

Transforming the flagship publication of USD from front to back has been hard work, but it’s a labor of love.

Point of View

Something Greater Takes Over Something Greater Takes Over

Love is the impetus that led Jennifer Schelter ’94 (M.F.A.) to conduct an orchestra of human bodies on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps.

Class Notes Articles

From Surfer Dude to Tie Guy From Surfer Dude to Tie Guy

Devon Howard ’99 has never been able to get enough of that hang-10 stuff.

Lead me, Follow me, or Get Out of the Way Lead me, Follow me, or Get Out of the Way

Playing Gen. Patton is a recent role in the second career of Don Worley ’70 (J.D.).

Hallelujah is Her Song Hallelujah is Her Song

While some might be tempted to turn away, Gregg Burgess ’98 (M.I.B.) helps Cambodian girls rescued from brothels.

Emotional Rescue Emotional Rescue

While some might be tempted to turn away, Gregg Burgess ’98 (M.I.B.) helps Cambodian girls rescued from brothels.

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