The Friend Connection
Network of USD alums springs up from sea to shining sea

There’s a maxim that says absence makes the heart grow fonder — sadly, that’s not always the case. But if David Stephens gets his way, geographic distance won’t prevent alumni from staying connected to campus.

Stephens, who joined USD’s Office of Alumni Relations in September 2004, says one of his jobs is to help alumni who’ve scattered across the United States maintain their emotional ties to USD.

“I’ve spent my career helping people support their alma mater,” says Stephens, who previously worked at Baylor University in Texas. “Here at USD we’re starting with 12 regional programs. Eventually that number will grow.”

In 2005, USD hosted a national tour that stopped in 12 regions: New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and California’s Orange County. Each area hosted well-attended social events.

When Meghan Clark ‘01 (B.B.A.) moved to Boston four years ago, she didn’t know anyone and says finding fellow alumni in the area seemed like a natural solution. So she called the alumni office and volunteered to help. “Once I got involved, it was amazing to see how many alumni live within a stone’s throw of me,” she says.

Clark’s chapter hosts a networking hour every month; she also coordinates social events for alumni and their families, including ice skating and Red Sox games.

“It can be tough for recent grads to come here and break into the business community because it’s so tight knit,” Clark says. “But this is a base people can turn to.”

Go to alumni/alumnirelations and click on the regional link.