Workday is new Human Resources, Payroll, and Finance Systems that will serve as a single system for USD's business operations. Beginning in July 2021, Workday will replace our outdated Oracle technology to create a better USD experience. Faculty, staff, and student employees will use Workday to update personal information, request leave, select benefits, and more.

Modernizing administrative systems and increasing the effectiveness of business processes will support the university’s operational excellence goals.

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Why Now? Why Workday?

  • USD implemented Oracle in 2001; future system enhancements are limited
  • Oracle stopped development on our system and will stop supporting it soon
  • Workday systems are robust and fully functional
  • Workday has a large customer base and continually enhances their product offerings to meet changing laws, regulations and industry trends
  • Workday is used by many universities with very high satisfaction
  • HR, Finance, and ITS are well-aligned at this time
Begin quote Workday is ready for YOU. One seamless system for Finance, HR and Payroll that lets you see the full picture and what’s ahead.

Functional Needs


  • More intuitive system to help decrease error rates
  • More reliable setup with fewer individualized customizations
  • More formalized absence management system 


  • More streamlined system means fewer manual processes
  • Consolidation of multiple systems (Oracle, KBACE, Noetix and Kronos)
  • Higher reliability and fewer errors


  • Opportunity to take advantage of industry best-practices for workflows to enhance operational efficiencies
  • Simplify accounting structure while still leveraging intuition built into POETS
  • Enhanced visibility and transparency for both central Finance and departmental users

What Does this Mean for the Campus?

  • HR and Finance will be evaluating practices, procedures, and workflows for opportunities to streamline
    • Example:  Appropriate number of signatures on a proposal to hire form
    • Example:  Continue with monthly and bi-weekly payrolls?
  • The existing POETS structure may change
    • Plan to leverage elements of existing structure
  • HR, Finance, and ITS teams will be back-filled with temporary staffing



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