President's Steering Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

In mid-November 2013, President Lyons appointed a group of faculty, student, and administrative representatives from across campus to review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, prevention education, and response efforts pertaining to sexual assault and exploitation.

The Women's Center is taking a leading role in reviewing and making recommendations around prevention education. If you are interested in participating in this process, please contact Erin Lovette-Colyer

Office of the President

November 21, 2013

Dear Campus Community,

The University of San Diego is committed to creating and promoting a safe environment that enables our employees, students and others who engage with our campus community to thrive in an educational and work environment committed to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Sexual violence in any form violates the law, our policies, our mission, and the core values that we espouse. For many years, USD has taken very seriously its responsibility to take steps to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual violence. Our Campus Assault Resources and Education program (C.A.R.E.) and its trained C.A.R.E. Advocates play an important role in providing support, resources and education to our community.

Creating and reinforcing a campus culture that promotes the safety, dignity and well-being of all is a shared responsibility of all members of the USD community. To that end, I have convened a Steering Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. The charge of the Steering Committee is as follows:

  • Policies and Procedures. To review existing USD policies and procedures addressing sexual assault prevention and response and to make recommendations for revisions, as appropriate.
  • Education. To review existing USD programs that educate the campus community on the topic of sexual assault prevention and response and to make recommendations for enhanced education strategies.
  • Other Prevention and Response Services. To review other existing services and protocols at USD that facilitate the prevention of and response to incidents of sexual assault and to make recommendations for additional services, as appropriate.

The Steering Committee will be chaired by Donald Godwin, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, and Barrett Morris, Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and USD's Title IX Coordinator, and will be comprised of faculty, student and administrative representatives from across the USD campus. Please join me in thanking the following members of the Steering Committee for their willingness to be a part of this important process for our campus community:

Donald Godwin, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, Co-Chair

Barrett Morris, Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator, Co-Chair

Larry Barnett, Chief, Assistant Vice President for Public Safety

Moises Barón, Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness

Karen Briggs, Chief Human Resources Officer

Nick Collins (Alternate: Ryan Hemelt), Interfraternity Council representative

Branda Cook, Athletics representative

Esteban del Rio, Associate Provost for Inclusion and Diversity

Kelly Douglas, General Counsel

Kira Espiritu, Director of International Studies Abroad, International Center representative

Karen Friedlander, Graduate Student Council representative

Alex Hermann, Associated Students representative

Shelby Herzing (Alternate: Susie Hirsh), Panhellenic Council representative

Quinton Kawahara, Captain, Department of Public Safety

Erin Lovette-Colyer, Student Life, Director of the Women's Center, CARE Advocate Coordinator

Michael Lovette-Colyer, Assistant Vice President of University Ministry

Stephanie Lynch, Assistant Director, Center for Health and Wellness Promotion

Marie Minnick, Assistant Dean of Students

Patricia Plavonich, Assistant Professor, Theology & Religious Studies, University Senate representative

Barbara Schatzer, Director of Risk Management

Meggie Zanger, CARE Advocate representative

The Steering Committee will report its activities to the Executive Council at the conclusion of the 2013-14 academic year and will make recommendations for the continued charge of the committee going forward. If you have any questions about the committee, you may contact one of the co-chairs.


Mary E. Lyons, PhD