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What is Wellness at USD?

Wellness is a dynamic concept made up of our emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual factors. Wellness involves expanding your knowledge, skills, values, practices and supportive environments that increase your ability to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life.

Student Wellness at the University of San Diego provides a number of services to support our students in their efforts to enhance and sustain their health and well-being. Establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while studying at USD is important for academic performance and enjoyment of life, as well as achieving other goals. We hope you will find the pages and information to be valuable resources.

Academic Success

Helping You Make the Connections You Need

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Get the Facts about Alcohol and Other Drugs

Healthy Relationships

Recognize the Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Mental Health

Caring for and Managing Your Mental Health

Physical Health

Nurturing Your Physical Body

Well Being

Taking Care of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit