Help me decide: vote at school or my home in California?


Reasons to cast a ballot from my permanent address (by mail or in person):

  • I know a lot about local politics at home, voting by mail in my home county will require me to do less research about the candidates on my ballot.
  • I can have my ballot mailed to me so I can vote whenever I want to (in most states).
  • I will be at my permanent address in October and November because of the pandemic--and I would like to vote at home, in person or by mail.

Reasons to vote with my local USD address (by mail or in person):

  • I will be at my campus/local San Diego address and would like to vote there.
  • I can register with my San Diego address and get a mail ballot that I can mail anytime in October.
  • I will be able to learn about and discuss local San Diego issues with friends from school and be part of my new community.
  • I can talk about my ballot with my friends and we can vote together.
  • I don't know that much about local issues and candidates at my permanent address so I'm going to have to learn it all anyway.

My decision