Student Success Coaching

Student Success Coaching is a collaborative effort between the Center for Student Success, Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, and the Dean's Office of Arts and Sciences

This unique program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Peer Coach or professional staff to address academic and personal needs within a confidential setting. 

The four-session model provides students on-going support and coaching throughout their academic semester to build goal-setting skills and routines that better prepare them for the rigor of academics here at USD. 

All coaches are USD students who have successfully completed an upper-division course called "Current Approaches to Peer Assistance" (MFTS 365) in preparation for their role and receive ongoing training and intensive supervision.

Peer coaches and professional staff are able to assist students with the following:

  • Assessing and identifying presenting challenges
  • Generating a Student Success Plan that includes academic and personal goals
  • Connecting students with relevant resources on campus
  • Developing time management and study skills, and becoming more connected at USD
  • Benefits of the Student Success Program
  • Who should sign up for Student Success Coaching?

First Appointment Scheduling


We recommend USD students who are seeking a student success coach for the first time to sign up via the link below: 

Schedule your first appointment with us today!

Whether you're a new transfer student or just completed your first year here at USD, student success coaching offers one on one coaching sessions to curate a plan that best fits your goals. 

Call (619) 260-5995 or visit UC-114 to schedule your first appointment! We do not schedule appointments over email. If you have general questions about Student Success Coaching, please contact the CSS at or (619) 260-5995.