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Mission of Program

The Counseling Center staff share the philosophy that training for psychologists is a developmental process, with continued personal and professional growth throughout one's career. Thus, all staff members -- whether licensed psychologists, unlicensed psychologists, or predoctoral interns -- are in training. The training will vary according to specific needs for professional growth and the psychologist's level of education and experience.

The Doctoral Internship in Health Services Psychology is the formalized internship training program of the University of San Diego Counseling Center. Congruent with the university's overall dedication to holistic student development and education, the predoctoral internship is committed to the personal and professional growth of its trainees. A healthy balance of clinical and psychoeducational work, supervision and personal/professional development characterizes our internship. Through applied experience, diversified supervision and professional development training, interns learn the multifaceted nature of psychologists' roles in a university/college setting. To facilitate intern development, we emphasize clear communication, personal responsibility and trainee empowerment.