Program Requirements

New Student and Parent/Guardian Orientation

Once admitted to the program, all students and parents/guardians must attend a mandatory orientation. Orientation will cover everything about our program from requirements to expectations. For more details please review our student handbook.

Academic Year

Academic Progress

  • While making progress, you must MAINTAIN at least 2.5 GPA and receive grades of "C” or higher during any given grading period.
  • You must maintain at LEAST eight (8) hours of contact a month with the tutors and/or staff of the program, whether that be through after-school tutoring, Saturday Programs, educational/cultural fieldtrips, or any other approved UB activity.
  • You must meet with the Academic Advisor at least once every 2 quarters.
  • Attend mandatory Thursday Community Meetings.
  • Submit progress and final grade reports to UB staff.
  • Attend Fall Orientation/Welcome Back every Fall.

Summer Program

Summer Progress

  • Summer residential program is by invitation only for current students. Invitation to Summer program is determined by points, progress, and performance over all during the academic year.
  • In case of a tie for points, UB Core Staff will determine tie breakers to determine invites.
  • Attend summer program orientation every summer.
  • You must receive grades of "B" or higher at end of summer program to receive stipend.
  • Newly admitted students must attend summer program their first year. If you cannot attend summer program as a new student you will be dropped from the program.