Upward Bound

The Rock, The River, The Tree

Our Upward Bound program strives to create an educational and multicultural learning community of students who demonstrate a strong desire to participate in higher education. Students, families, and staff involved in USD Upward Bound engage in a highly motivational, relevant, challenging, and empowering curriculum which promotes a deeper personal and cross-cultural understanding through reflecting upon The Rock, The River, The Tree… and what each of these elements represents.

  • Rock activities assess and enhance academic foundations, particularly writing and language skills.
  • River activities help students articulate the values they hold, and how those values influence self-esteem, aspirations, and behaviors.
  • Tree activities help students' families to target a course for and encourage educational achievement, in a supportive network with other families, as well as strengthen students' membership in their community and global families, and increase cultural competency skills. We are all here to examine our place in life, the roots that keep us grounded, and the experiences that help us to grow and change.

This is the challenge of Upward Bound.