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Graduate Student Organizations

USD Black Law Students Association Facebook

To utilize the resources of the University of San Diego School of Law and the San Diego legal community to promote the educational, professional, and social needs and goals of Black law students and to bring about meaningful legal and political change that addresses the needs of the San Diego community.

For more information, please contact usdblsa@gmail.com

Black Graduate Student Association Facebook

BGSA is an interdisciplinary, student initiated, student-run organization that is dedicated to uniting students, faculty, and alumni of African descent to create a sense of pride and community at the University of San Diego. We encourage scholarship opportunities, promote social connections, community service, and self-determination.

For more information, please contact USDBGSA@gmail.com

SOLES Latino Graduate Student Association Facebook

The mission of the SLGSA is to bring together Latino/a graduate students who are dedicated to:

Mentor and support SOLES Latino graduate students in pursuit of academic excellence, degree completion, and professional goals; Stimulate and support academic and scholarly efforts to include the study of Latino culture; Educate USD and surrounding communities about the unique experiences, backgrounds, strengths, and culture of Latinos; Increase scholarship funds and financial support for SOLES Latino graduate students;Encourage, and facilitate communication between SOLES Latinos and other underrepresented communities at USD; Actively recruit, retain, and support SOLES Latino graduate students; Liaison with SOLES Latino alumni; and Support the mission of the University of San Diego.

For more information, please contact usdlatinos@gmail.com

Pride Law

USD Pride Law seeks a university and world community which respects and embraces the uniqueness and contributations of every individual. Pride Law affords an opportunity for sharing ideas and values from the traditions and history of the LGBT community. We also seek to advance understanding of legal issues affecting the LGBT community and provide networking opportunities for law students in the San Diego community.

For more information, please contact: usdpridelaw@gmail.com