Goals and Outcomes


  • UFMC participants will value the complexities of difference, learn about multiple and intersecting identities, and challenge individual, institutional, and culturally oppressive systems.
  • UFMC participants will develop their leadership capacity through a social justice framework.
  • UFMC participants will experience support and a sense of belonging.
  • UFMC staff will support our communities’ varying needs and enhance campus climate through advocacy and intentional collaborations.


  • Participants will develop awareness of their own social identities.
  • Participants will recognize differences among various communities, perspectives, and world-views.
  • Participants will describe how privilege and biases impact our communities and systems.
  • Participants will create meaningful peer-to-peer relationships.
  • Participants will understand the impact of their actions on community members.
  • Participants will identify their leadership skills to shape social change on and off campus.
  • Participants will act on opportunities to promote social change.
  • Participants will use academic resources including advising, computers, library, and space.

Functional Areas

  • Community Engagement - We are committed to building a stronger and more vibrant community by developing partnerships and providing opportunities to connect within and outside USD. 
  • Education & Program Development - We raise awareness and educate ourselves along with our community about diversity and inclusion. We celebrate the accomplishments of diverse individuals and cultures, and engage the community in dialogue around injustice, inequality and inequity as it impacts our campus, region, nation and world. 
  • Advising & Supervision - We strive to guide and support students and staff in their journey within and beyond USD.
  • Administration - We define administration as the  management of business operations  as well as the  organization of people and other resources to direct center activities and programs toward set goals.