Office of Undergraduate Research

Drop Shadow

Faculty Representatives

If you have discipline-specific questions about your abstract, poster, or presentation, please contact your department's faculty representative:
Accountancy: Dr. Jillian Phillips, Ext. 2790
Anthropology: Dr. Alana Cordy-Collins, Ext. 4725
Art, Architecture + Art History: Daniel Lopez-Perez, Ext. 7415
Biology: Dr. Geoff Morse, Ext. 7914
Business Administration: Dr. Tara Ceranic, Ext. 2378
Chemistry and Biochemistry: Debbie Tahmassebi, Ext. 7454
Communication Studies: Dr. Eric Pierson, Ext. 7437
Economics: Dr. Andrew Narwold, Ext. 4875
Engineering: Dr. Frank Jacobitz, Ext. 7820
English: TBD
Ethnic Studies: Dr. Alberto Pulido, Ext. 4022
Finance: TBD
History: Dr. Yi Sun, Ext. 6811
International Business: TBD
Languages and Literatures: Dr. Kevin Guerrieri, Ext. 7827
Marine Science and Environmental Studies: Dr. Drew Talley, Ext. 6810
Marketing: Dr. Kristine Ehrich, Ext. 7629
Mathematics and Computer Science: Dr. Ani Velo, Ext. 7846 (Math)
Music: Dr. David Harnish, Ext. 4128
Philsophy: TBD
Physics: Dr. Rae Anderson, Ext. 8867
Political Science and International Relations: Dr. Michael Pfau, Ext. 4011
Psychological Sciences: Dr. Nadav Goldschmeid, Ext. 7681 or Dr. Jennifer Zwolinski, Ext. 4281
Real Estate: TBD
Sociology: Dr. Tom Reifer, Ext. 7422
Theatre Arts and Performance Studies: Monica Stufft, Ext. 4273
Theology and Religious Studies: Dr. Evelyn Kirkley, Ext. 4131