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Previous Awards

2013 SURE Awards

Brent Allman, Biology, “Metabolic Intensity in Eared Grebes” (Mentor: Hugh Ellis)

Michael Bagley, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Crystallization and characterization of a truncation mutant of the histone chaperone Hif1” (Mentor: Robert Dutnall)

Ryan Barney, Art, Architecture & Art History, “The Polyhedral Atlas” (Mentor: Daniel Lopez-Perez)

Savanna Blair, Physics, “Development and Optimization of Polymerized Actin Samples for Biopolymer Network Studies” (Mentor: Rae Anderson)

Theresa Chadwick, Mathematics, “Finding Change Points in Poisson Data” (Mentor: Jane Friedman)

Nicholas Day, Biology, “Identifying the sodium transporters in the gills of blackskirt tetras (Gymnocorhymbus ternetzi)” (Mentor: Marjorie Patrick)

William Dow, Engineering, “Comparison of the Microcirculation in the Human Conjunctiva in Healthy and Diabetic Patients” (Mentor: Frank Jacobitz)

Dana Dowse, Bridget LaRoche, Political Science & International Relations, “Village of Makuleke: An Oral History of Displaced People Relating to Views on Democracy” (Mentor: Mike Williams)

Jillian Grant, Fine Arts, “We Walk the Line” (Mentor: Andrew Cross)

Weiye Guan, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Formation of Vinyl Boronate Esters through the Acid-Catalyzed Elimination of Hydroxy Boronate Ester” (Mentor: Timothy Clark)

Sarah Jensen, Psychological Sciences, “Formation of Vinyl Boronate Esters through the Acid-Catalyzed Elimination of Hydroxy Boronate Ester” (Mentor: Veronica Galvan)

Leah Lessard, Psychology, “The Polyhedral Atlas” (Mentor: Patricia Kowalski)

Jeremiah Medina, Engineering, “Developing Polymer-Quantum Dots Hybrid Materials Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide” (Mentor: Truc T. Ngo)

Kathryn Parker, Communication Studies, “Exposure to Female Scientists on Television and the STEM Self-Efficacy of College Females” (Mentor: Bradley Bond)

Elizabeth Quandt, Philosophy, “Ninon de l\'Enclos: The Forgotten Philosopher” (Mentor: Lori Watson)

Sean Rivera, Fine Arts, “A Crown of Beauty” (Mentor: John Halaka)

Shannon Schumacher, Political Science, “Machista or Progresiva?: The Dynamics of Women and Politics in Latin America” (Mentor: Emily Edmonds-Poli)

Christopher Yip, Physics, “Plasma Sheath Formation: Deconvolution of Composite Data into Individual Ion Velocity Distributions” (Mentor: Greg Severn)


2012 SURE Awards

Ryan Barney, Jacob Bruce, Architecture, "From Space-Frames to Space: Experiments in Light Construction" (Mentor: Daniel Lopez-Perez)

Peter Cannamela, Biochemistry, "Research Proposal- Formation and Purification of β-hydroxyboronate Esters by diboration/homologation of Various Aldehydes" (Mentor: Dr. Timothy Clark)

Nicholas Day, Biology, "Physiology of Ion Transport Regulation in Blackskirt Tetras" (Mentor: Dr. Marjorie Patrick)

Tiana Hayden, Psychology, "Influence of Parenting Style on Drinking Behavior of Incoming College Freshmen" (Mentor: Dr. Michael Ichiyama)

Caitlin Lambert, Industrial and Systems Engineering, "Optimization of Thin Film Pentacene Treatment Process in Supercritical Carbon Dioxid" (Mentor: Dr. Truc Ngo)

Gordon Nash, Political Science and International Relations, "Nuclear Energy Features" (Mentor: Dr. Randy Willoughby)

Kaitlyn Philpott, Biology, "Expression of PPARδ, RYR, and DHPR Changes in Exercised White
Seabass" (Mentor: Dr. Mary Sue Lowery)

Danielle Sather, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, "The X Project" (Mentor: Dr. Monica Stufft)

Nathaniel Scherrer, Mechanical Engineering, "Harnessing Heat to Save Fuel" (Mentors: Drs. Frank Jacobitz and David Malicky)

Jackson Smith, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Carnivalesque" (Mentor: Dr. Monica Stufft)

Nicole Stenoish, Psychology, "Does Poor Performance Follow Poor Performance in Experiencing Social Disapproval? A Case of Air-Balls" (Mentor: Dr. Nadav Goldschmied)

Raymond Sullivan, Chemistry, "The development of new hybrid chiral ligand for catalysis" (Mentor: Dr. Christopher J.A. Daley)

Stephen Szabo, Biology, "Does the Hif1 protein prefer to bind a heterodimer or tetramer of histones H3 and H4?" (Mentor: Dr. Robert Dutnall)

Jason Wang, Biology, "Understanding the Causes of Sexual Selection" (Mentor: Dr. Adam Siepielski)

Stanley Zhou, Computer Science, "Improving College Admissions by Predicting Student Performance" (Mentor: Dr. Eric Jiang)


2011 SURE Awards

Michael Bagley, Biochemistry, “Co-expression and purification of complexes of the Drosophila histone chaperone Nap1 and histones H2” (Mentor: Dr. Robert Dutnall)

Allison Bigeh, Biology, “Characterization of the Interaction of the Histone Chaperone Hif1 with Histones H3 and H4 and the Role of Acetylation by Hat1” (Mentor: Dr. Robert Dutnall)

Jun Ryan Delacruz, Computer Science, “Integrating Nature with Technology” (Mentor: Dr. Drew Talley)

Kelly Goldsteinholm, Psychology, “Determining effective predatory stimuli for zebrafish” (Mentor: Dr. Rachel Blaser)

Tiana Hayden, Psychology, “Influence of Parenting Style on Drinking Behavior of Incoming College Freshmen” (Mentor: Dr. Michael Ichiyama)

Eduardo Hernandez, Biochemistry, “Assessing the development of an urban coastal sage scrub ecosystem using ecosystem succession theory” (Mentor: Dr. Theresa Talley)

Heidi Hirsh, Marine Science, “Multiyear analysis of three proteins as biomarkers of chemical stresses in the common white clam (Chione californiensis), Bahía Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexico” (Mentor: Dr. James Bolender)

Alma Houghton, Biology, “Cloning and sequencing of pIgR cDNA of catfish” (Mentor: Dr. Valerie Hohman)

Michelle Hustedt, Biology, “Studying the Mechanism of a Novel Chloride Transport Protein” (Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Matulef)

Michelle Mezher, Chemistry, “Variable Stars and Protoplanetary Disks” (Mentor: Dr. David Devine)

Nicholas Nobles, Computer Science, “Detecting Insider Threats through Semantic Document Analysis” (Mentor: Dr. Eric Jiang)

Mark Pelka, Biology, “Investigation of signal transduction pathways in R. centenum" (Mentor: Dr. Terry Bird)

Sabrina Phillips, Biochemistry, “Determining The Mechanism of Proton Transport in CLC Proteins” (Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Matulef)

Mark Prator, Marine Science, “Relationship between Naturally Varying Growth Rates in Juvenile S. lalandi, Muscle IGF-1 Expression” (Mentor: Dr. Sue Lowery)

Dayn Sommer, Chemistry, “Kinetic Characterization of CoPSAO” (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Mills)

Raymond Sullivan, Chemistry, “Analysis of fluorescent Dideoxynucleoside in DNA” (Mentor: Dr. Debbie Tahmassebi)

Jessica Sully, Biology, “Sexual selection in morphology of male genitalia in two seed beetle species of the genus Acanthoscel” (Mentor: Dr. Geoffrey Morse)

Erin Williams, Biology, Continuation of Regulation of Serotonin Synthesis in the nervous system of the nematode, C. elegans” (Mentor: Dr. Curtis Loer)

Andrew Zogby, Biology, “Physiology of salinity tolerance in larval mosquitoes” (Mentor: Dr. Marjorie Patrick)


2010 SURE Awards

Armand Anselmo, Enviornmental Studies & Business Administration, “Analysis of tree-ring data from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau to examine climatic signals of three independent independent 200-year time-periods, 1100-1300 CE, 1600-1800 CE, and 1800-2000 CE.” (Mentor: Dr. Zhi-Yong Yin)

Lauren Bernier, Chemistry, “The Synthesis of Enantiopure Complexes and Studies in Enantioselective Catalysis” (Mentor: Dr. Christopher Daley)

Clarissa Brown, Philosophy, “The Reality of Time” (Mentor: Dr. Peter Gratton)

Thomas DeCarlo, Marine Science, “Examination of Heavy Metals in Sediments from U.S. Virgin Islands” (Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gray)

Jonathan Fergus, Biology, “The Role of Myoglobin in Exercise Conditioning of White Sea bass (Atractoscion nobilis) and California Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi)” (Mentor: Dr. Sue Lowery) 

Andrew Giuliano, Marine Science, “Isotopic labeling: a novel method of analyzing food webs on islands in the Gulf of California” (Mentor: Dr. Drew Talley)

Michael Harlander-Locke, Chemistry, “Knotting DNA: Development and characterization of knotted DNA molecules of varying lengths and knot complexities” (Mentor: Dr. Rae Anderson)

Yi-Chen Hsieh, Marine Science, “Comparison of Water Turbidity between the bays under Developed and Undeveloped Watersheds in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands” (Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gray)

Sarah Jones, Biology, “Investigation of the effect of exercise on IGF production in muscle tissue in Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi)” (Mentor: Dr. Sue Lowery)

Kent Lee, Biochemistry, “The Development of a Dual-Function Epi-Fluorescence Optical Tweezers for Characterization of Single Polymer Dynamics in Complex Polymeric Fluids” (Mentor: Dr. Rae Anderson)

Kristiana Lehn, Psychology, Toward Antimicrobial Polymeric Materials:  Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Evaluation of Chemically Modified Hyperbranched Polyglycerol” (Mentor: Dr. Peter Iovine)

Monica Oddo, Marine Science, “Quantifying in situ Larval Behaviors: A Field Study in Mission Bay” (Mentor: Dr. Nathalie Reyns)

Chanelle Patnode, Undeclared, “Biological Implications of Ocean Acidification on the marine crustacean Pachygrapsus crassipes” (Mentor: Dr. Nathalie Reyns)

Yliana Peñalosa, Psychology, “Conditioning zebrafish with an aversive environment“ (Mentor: Dr. Rachel Blaser)

Elyssa Pickle, Biochemistry, “Expression, purification and characterization of the histone chaperone Hif1 and its complexes with histones H3 and H4” (Mentor: Dr. Robert Dutnall)

Rommel Rico, Computer Science, “Learning Sentiment Analysis using Latent Semantic Indexing“ (Mentor: Dr. Eric Jiang)

Hayley Roberts, Psychology, “The Effects of Parenting Styles on Self-Injury in Adolescents“ (Mentor: Dr. Kristen McCabe)

Shane Smith, Biology, “Quantification of Spatial and Temporal Pollution in the Magdalena Bay by Analysis of the Hepatopancreas of the Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus)” (Mentor: Dr. Michel Boudrias)

Stephanie Speckmann, Biology, “Quantifying in situ Larval Behaviors: A Field Study in Mission Bay” (Mentor: Dr. Theresa Talley)

Taryn VanGerpen, Biology, “Determining the evolutionary relationship between the seed beetle genus Acanthoscelides and its host” (Mentor: Dr. Geoffrey Morse)

Erin Williams, Biology & Mathematics, “Regulation of Serotonin Synthesis in the nervous system of the nematode, C. elegans” (Mentor: Dr. Curtis Loer)

James Walston, Biochemistry, “The Effects of Peroxidase and Ethylene in Buffalo Grass” (Mentor: Dr. Lisa Baird)


2009 SURE Awards

Kent Akin, Biology, "Identifying the Role of Putative Histidine-kinases Involving Encystment using Site-directed Mutagenesis" (Mentor: Dr. Terry Bird)

Ryan Brennan, Chemistry & Biochemstry, "Understanding the Contribution of the N-terminal Domain of HAT1 to Histone Substrate Binding" (Mentor: Dr. Robert Dutnall)

Elanor Brown, Marine and Environmental Studies, "The Impacts of Substrate Erosion on Lottia gigantea Population Dynamics" (Mentor: Dr. Nathalie Reyns)

Casey Chapman, Marine and Environmental Studies, "The Source and Composition of Carbonate Grains in Sediment from St. John, USVI" (Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gray)

Shannen Cravens, Chemistry & Biochemstry, "Solution Structures of Novel DNA Duplexes with Actinomycin D" (Mentor: Dr. Tammy Dwyer)

Jessica Cryder, Chemistry & Biochemstry, "Design, Synthesis and Characterization of New Chiral Ligands for Enantioselective Catalysis" (Mentor: Dr. Christopher Daley)

Jamielou Custodio, Chemistry & Biochemstry, "Metal Binding Studies of Fur from Shewanella oneidensis" (Mentor: Dr. Steve Mills)

Jonathan Fergus, Biology, "Exercise Efffects on 3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Activity and Fatty Acid Metabolism in Marine Finfish" (Mentor: Dr. Sue Lowery)

Callie Fiedler, Physics, "Surface Modification Through the Entrenchment of Nanowires" (Mentor: Dr. Daniel Sheehan)

Jennifer Fleischman, Chemistry & Biochemstry, "Synthesis and Study of Ruthenium Trisbipyridine Complexes" (Mentor: Dr. Debbie Tahmassebi)

Matthew Gigli, Mathematics & Computer Science, "Enhancing Centroid-Based Text Classification Methods" (Mentor: Dr. Eric Jiang)

James Gill, Mathematics & Computer Science, "Extending the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process: From Randomness to Order" (Mentor: Dr. Lukasz Pruski)

Ashley Harrington, Political Science & International Relations, "Do Health Professionals Legislate Differently on Health Issues than their Peers?" (Mentor: Dr. Gary Gray)

Ryan Kast, Biology, "Using RNA Interference to Screen For Nervous System Genes in C. elegans" (Mentor: Dr. Curtis Loer)

Jennie Kuckertz, Psychology, "Factors Affecting Teen's Attitudes Towards their Pregnant Peers" (Mentor: Dr. Kristen McCabe)

Allison Mackrell, Biology, "Analysis of cckA, chpT and ctrA Homologs in Rhodospirillum centenum through Mutagenesis" (Mentor: Dr. Terry Bird)

Daniel Martin, Biology, "Does Metabolic Intensity Change in Tissues of the Eared Grebe During Staging?" (Mentor: Dr. Hugh Ellis)

Ryan Quilley, Marine and Environmental Studies, "Source, Mineralogy, and Petrography in Sediment from US Virgin Islands" (Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gray)

Kimberley Thoren, Political Science & International Relations, "The Evolution of Congressional War Powers in the Twentieth Century" (Mentor: Dr. Casey Dominguez)

Jennifer Wooley, Chemistry & Biochemstry, "Determination of CLC Antiporter Function Required for Acid Resistance" (Mentor: Dr. Kimberley Matulef)

Allison Wray & April May, Psychology, "Effects of Cell Phone Conversations on Different Personality Types" (Mentor: Dr. Veronica Galvan)