Keck Faculty Fellows


USD's aim to establish faculty/student research and creative inquiry as a distinguishing feature of an undergraduate education at USD has been supported by a W. M. Keck Foundation grant.  From 2011-2015 the Keck Faculty Fellows Grants (FF) were availableto foster the development of student-faculty collaborative research programs. The Keck Faculty Fellows Program provided one-year fellowships to faculty who have not been involved in undergraduate research with an emphasis on faculty in disciplines that have little or no access to external funding or formalized programs to support undergraduate research and scholarship. Keck Faculty Fellows received funding to conduct research or scholarly work in collaboration with an undergraduate student of their choice. They also engaged in a number of professional development activities related to mentoring and undergraduate research and learning. Information about the recipients and their research projects can be found in the 2011-2015 Keck Faculty sections below.

In line with the mission, vision, and strategic directions of the University, the Office of Undergraduate Research has partnered with the Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness and Social Action (CASA), and the Changemaker Hub (Hub) and the Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CID) to support Community Based Research (CBR) projects.   In the 2015/2016 academic year two types of Community Based Research Development Grants (CBRDGs) will be available to faculty, administration and staff; a yearlong curricular development grant and a yearlong co-curricular development grant.   Both are designed to support faculty, administration and staff that are interested in incorporating research and undergraduates into their community relationships. For more information about the CBRDG's please visit the CBRDG webpage. 

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