Department Research Courses

USD offers several research-related courses to undergraduate students. Contact your department faculty advisor/preceptor with questions about these courses (200-300). 

If you are interested in receiving credit to engage in a faculty- or student-initiated independent research project (400) please speak to your research mentor and contact your department faculty advisor/preceptor.

ARCH 495: Senior Project Studio Seminar
ARCH 496: Senior Thesis in Architecture
ARCH 499: Independent Study

Art History
ARTH 395: Methods in Art History
ARTH 495: Image World/Written Word: Senior Thesis Seminar
ARTH 496: Undergraduate Research Senior Paper
ARTH 499: Independent Study

Behavioral Neuroscience
NEUR 410W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience 

BIOL 309-Research Methods
BIOL 490-Research Project
BIOL 491-Science and the Public Domain
BIOL 496-Research
BIOL 498-Research Internship

CHEM 396W: Research Methods
CHEM 496:   Undergraduate Research
CHEM 496H: Honors Undergraduate Research

Communication Studies
COMM 265: Introduction to Research
COMM 365/365W: Interpretive Research Methods
COMM 366W: Communication Criticism
COMM 495: Senior Project
COMM 496: Research Experience
COMM 499: Independent Study

Computer Science
COMP 499: Independent Study

ECON 490W: Senior Seminar

Electrical Engineering
ELEC 496: Undergraduate Research

ENGR 296: Undergraduate Research
ENGR 496: Undergraduate Research

ENGL 495: Senior Project

Industrial and Systems Engineering
ISYE 496: Undergraduate Research

MATH 499: Independent Study

MKTG 410: Marketing Research

PHYS 487: Techniques in Physics
PHYS 496: Research
PHYS 498: Research Methods

PSYC 230:    Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 422W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Social Psychology
PSYC 424W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC 432W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Learning
PSYC 436W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Cognitive Psychology 
PSYC 444W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Animal Behavior
PSYC 455W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Clinical Psychology
PSYC 457W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Health Psychology
PSYC 464W: Advanced Research Methods/Laboratory in Sport Psychology
PSYC 496: Research Experience

Theology and Religious Studies
THRS 450W: Themes in Theology
THRS 451W: Themes in Religious Studies

Visual Arts
ARTV 495: Senior Thesis Studio Seminar
ARTV 499: Independent Study