Presentation Resources

Poster Presentations

A poster is a visual communications tool that will help you to easily and effectively disseminate your research to a wide audience. An effective poster gets your point across in a concise and focused way; it uses images, graphs/charts, tables and other visual strategies with minimal supporting text.

Before you get started on creating a poster, you should always check with your research mentor to review the appropriate design conventions for your discipline. You may also want to download the Developing Successful Posters Using Microsoft PowerPoint (pdf) created by USD's Academic Technology Services for a general guideline on how to create a poster and/or sign-up to attend a poster design workshop.

What a poster should include:

  • Title: project title
  • Authors: your name, names of research collaborator(s), research mentor name and department/institution
  • Introduction/Objectives
  • Methods
  • Results or Findings (expected, preliminary)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions/Future Directions
  • Acknowledgments: include any sources of funding you received to engage in the research project

Design, Layout and Size

  • Set the page margins to at least 1 inch. Elements may get cut off in the printing process if there is no margin.
  • Recommended font sizes: Title should be at least 70 pt. Text should be 18 point or larger so it can be read from 3-5 feet away.
  • Use high resolution images in the 200-300 dpi range. Images copied from Web pages (typically 72-75 dpi) may appear jagged and fuzzy when enlarged.
  • If you are having your poster printed on campus, it cannot be larger than 42 inches x 36 inches.  


Blank Poster Templates (pptx)

USD's Instructional Media Services (IMS) offers Poster Design Workshops for students interested in learning how to create a poster, including tips and instructions for designing with grids, and inserting text and images to create an eye-catching poster.

**Students presenting at the 26th Annual Creative Collaborations Undergraduate Research Conference will have the opportunity to sign up for a workshop. More information regarding workshop dates will be available on our website soon.***

Poster Examples

Chelsea Towler & Dr. Ken Keith, Psychological Sciences, "Exercise and Mental Health in University Students."

Deserae Rawling & Dr. Sarah Gray, Marine Science and Environmental Studies, "Can Sediment Texture be Used as a Proxy to Measure Terrigenous Sediment Accumulation on Coral Reefs?"

Jessica Sully & Dr. Geoffrey Morse, Biology, "Sexual Selection in Morphology of Male Genitalia in Two Seed Beetle Species of the Genus Acanthoscelides."