How to Get Started in Research

There are three primary ways to get involved in research:

  1. Take a research course: There are several courses offered at USD that provide research experience. You can find a list of department research courses on our website. 
  2. Work with a faculty mentor: You can also contact faculty directly to find out if they have any research projects available for undergraduate students. To find faculty with similar research interests, you can search the USD directory. Many faculty include their research interests in their faculty profiles. If you decide to contact them, be sure to read some of their published work and send a well-written email with your resume and a statement about why you are interested in their research. 
  3. Apply to a research program: There are several research programs at USD and off-campus, especially during the summer. You can find a list of USD research programs on the Students page on our website. We also have a list of off-campus opportunities on our website.