Signs and Postings

The university takes pride in its Spanish Renaissance architectural heritage and beautiful grounds, which reflect campus tradition and values. Flyers, posters, and signs are frequently used to publicize events, but their proliferation can negatively impact the environment as well as detract from the beauty of our campus landscape. Individuals are urged to use sustainable materials and consider electronic media to reduce these impacts. The following protocols are intended to establish a balance between desire for publicity and USD’s commitment to a sustainable environment.

These protocols apply to all student, faculty, and staff postings on the USD campus. Promotional materials are allowed only for events which have been approved by Associated Students or a recognized student organization, Student Affairs, or USD administrative office. Postings within the college or a school must be approved by the appropriate dean’s office or an appointed advisor.

Outside organizations or parties that host events on campus may post printed material relating to the event on university property only if doing so is permitted in the party’s contract with USD or is otherwise approved in writing by the appropriate university liaison to the outside organization or party. Any such posting must comply with these protocols. All other postings by outside organizations or parties must be submitted to Student Affairs for approval and permitted locations.

A violation of these protocols will result in corrective action as appropriate under the circumstances. For employees, corrective action may include verbal warnings, written warnings or other appropriate disciplinary action. For students, corrective action will be imposed in a manner consistent with the university’s Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities or other applicable rules. If the violation is committed by an individual who is not an employee or student, corrective action within the reasonable control of the university will be initiated.

The following protocols apply to temporary signs posting announcements. These protocols do not apply to or govern the distribution of materials such as leaflets on campus. Questions regarding permanent signage for buildings, room identification, or directional markings should be addressed to Planning Design and Construction in Facilities Management.


  • Use of the USD logo is restricted to official publications and promotional items of the university as outlined in the Official Visual Identity and Communications Style Manual.
  • Posted materials must include the name of the sponsoring organization or department and display a stamp indicating that they have been approved for posting by the appropriate dean or vice president or designees.
  • Materials may be posted up to one week prior to an event and must be removed within 24 hours after the completion of the event. Removal and recycling are the responsibility of the group posting the materials.
  • Postings are not allowed on sidewalks, buildings, walls, doors, windows, display cases, furnishings, fountains, fences, trees and shrubs, planters, poles, cars, permanent signage, or any other architectural feature, with exceptions noted below.
  • Postings at campus athletic venue locations are managed by the Department of Athletics.
  • Postings in student housing areas are managed by Residential Life and Student Affairs.
  • Exceptions to these protocols may be made under special circumstances with the approval of the appropriate dean or vice president in consultation with the Office of University Design.
  • The university reserves the right to remove postings and signs on campus that are in violation of these protocols.

Kiosks and Bulletin Boards

  • Kiosks are for the purpose of posting information for campus events. These are located at the Student Life Pavilion, Camino/Founders patio and in front of the Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice. Guidelines for posting on these kiosks are outlined on the Student Life Facilities website:
    • All student event and organization postings must be approved and stamped by University Centers and Student Activities, Hahn University Center 205.Flyers for events sponsored by academic departments require approval and stamp by the appropriate Deans office.
    • Flyers must be for events open to the Campus Community and sponsored by a registered student organization or university department.
  • Campus bulletin boards are for the purpose of posting information for campus events and sponsored programs. These bulletin boards are located in the Hahn University Center and Student Life Pavilion as well as Serra, Camino and Founders Halls. 
    • The size of flyers on campus bulletin boards should not exceed 11x17 and are limited to one per bulletin board. Flyers are not allowed on interior floors, walls, windows, doors or furnishings.
  • Indoor posters are allowed on bulletin boards with the approval of appropriate departments and administrators. Posters may not exceed 22x28 inches and are not allowed on interior floors, walls, windows, doors, or furnishings.Faculty may post individual announcements on their office doors.


  • Student event banners may be sized up to 3x6 feet. Banners exceeding this limit must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee.
  • Student event banners may be hung by Missions Crossroads, Missions Parking Structure railing, Camino/Founders courtyard gates, Serra Hall third-floor railing, Maher Hall third-floor railing, and Olin Hall bridge railing. Removable tape, such as blue painter’s tape, must be used to secure banners.
  • Custom banners designed for sponsored conferences or events must be coordinated with the USD liaison/facility scheduler and approved by University Design. The size and location of the banner must be approved in advance in writing by the appropriate USD liaison to the outside organization.

Event and Conference Signage

  • When an event venue is reserved, it is the responsibility of the USD liaison to communicate these protocols in writing to the requesting parties.
  • Signs at the entrance kiosks and signs to direct off-campus attendees to parking and event venues on campus must be requested through Parking Services, who will determine the number of signs allowed and their placement.
  • Freestanding signs, stanchions, A-frames, easels, lawn signs, etc., may only be used for campus-wide events and administrative announcements. Use and location of these sign types must receive prior approval from the Office of University Design.

University Marquees

  • The Office of University Scheduling has the authority to determine the maximum number of messages that may be posted on a marquee at any given time. Inquiries about this policy may be forwarded to the Office of University Scheduling at x7574, or

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