The Office of University Design has the following responsibilities with respect to the architecture and interior design of the campus:

  • Determining design and furnishings for the following areas:
    • Instructional and instruction-related facilities
    • Student life facilities
    • Common public areas (halls, reception areas, restrooms, etc.)
    • Administrative public areas
    • Areas specifically designated by the President
  • Coordinating with Facilities Management on design and furnishings of all new and existing buildings, including renovations and aesthetic building maintenance.
  • Coordinating with vice presidents, deans, directors, and building managers regarding renovations and furnishings to their given areas.
  • Coordinating with Procurement Services and outside vendors for all furniture requests.
  • Coordinating with University Relations and Facilities Management all donor recognition signage and images.
  • Overseeing and enforcing the university's signage protocols and standards.
  • Developing room policies for use of specific areas on campus as designated by the President.