Digital Display Posting Information

Hahn University Center & Student Life Pavilion Digital Display Protocol and Policy
Drafted and Adopted June 2009
Modified November 2010

The standards and protocols listed govern the operation of digital display signage within the Hahn University Center and Student Life Pavilion. Displays are located throughout the facilities, and messages will be published in locations that are appropriate to each respective message.

The Creative Zone is responsible for overseeing and managing the posting of information on the electronic displays. The displays are to be used for event promotion, community awareness, University business, emergency notifications, and the Hahn University Center/Student Life Pavilion information. Currently, only USD Departments, Associated Students, the Graduate Student Association, and registered student organizations in good standing will be approved to post information on the signage during the academic year.

A request to post information on a sign must be made in connection with an event or initiative that is open to the entire USD community or an event that is co-sponsored by USD. Events taking place within the Hahn University Center and Student Life Pavilion will take priority to other campus events. A department or registered student organization may request the posting of general USD community information on the signage. However, such information will be posted only on a space-available basis.

A request to post information on the signage should be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the event. Please visit to submit a request to have information displayed on the digital signage. All of the necessary information must be completed at the time of the request. If a posting is denied, an email response will be sent to the requestor with a written explanation.

The Creative Zone has the sole and complete discretion to: approve, deny or modify postings within reason based on its content and modify the schedule for postings to increase the efficacy of the digital displays. The Creative Zone has the responsibility to uphold the University of San Diego's Core Values and will use their discretion to determine whether postings are in violation of these values. Video submissions from student organizations will be displayed with a disclaimer indicating that the content piece was created by a student organization.

Inquiries about this policy may be forwarded to the Creative Zone in SLP 302 or