Digital Displays

The Hahn University Center and the Student Life Pavilion are home to several high-definition television screens whose primary function is to inform the USD community about events taking place throughout campus.

Our goal is to not only inform but to also unite and support the campus by creating a greater sense of community throughout the UC, SLP and USD as a whole. This service is free to any registered student or community group that is hosting an event on campus. Please see our Posting Policy for more details.

Posting a Flyer

To submit a posting for the digital displays located throughout the UC and the SLP, please fill out the appropriate information to the left. Please note that all student groups MUST complete an Event Registration and Approval Form found on the Student Activities and Involvement website if you are planning on hosting an event that is approved by USD. Please review our posting policy for more details.

Posting a Video

To submit a video posting for the digital displays located throughout the UC and the SLP, please contact the UC/SLP Digital Display Team at or visit us in SLP 302. At the current time, we are being highly selective about the video content of the Digital Displays. Please note that any student-created videos must include a disclaimer identifying the student organization affiliated with the piece. The Creative Zone can assist with this process.


The UC/SLP Digital Display developers strongly encourage all groups and organizations to design and submit postings that they feel are representative of the event they are promoting. However, if you need assistance, we can also help design a poster for your event. This service is available as our digital display developers' schedules permit and may delay the posting of your event. Please allow up to two business days for postings to appear on the displays. We strongly encourage all postings to adhere to USD's Core Values. Please remember, these are public displays.

Technical Requirements

  • Flyer and video dimensions should be at least 800 (h) x 600 (w) pixels, 72 ppi, (portrait orientation for optimal display setting). Landscape orientation flyers are also accepted
  • Accepted flyer file types are .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .gif
  • Please keep flyer file sizes under 5mb
  • Hi-resolution files are preferred
  • Accepted video file types are .mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv
  • The submitter is responsible for observing appropriate copyrights for all images, video, and audio


  • Three weeks is normally enough time to get the word out about events. Four weeks might be too much.
  • Keep it simple! Too many images or too much text may distract more than add to a flyer and may turn people off immediately.
  • Don't forget the essentials (i.e. date, time, sponsors, and location). We were surprised that some of this stuff was left out, too!
  • Make sure your fonts are large (30 point type or higher). Too much text will be hard to read!
  • Be creative with your flyers and videos! The more attractive and unique you make it, the more attention it will get.
  • Videos should be at maximum two minutes long. Long videos that aren't straight to the point often lose interest quickly.
  • Choose your music wisely! A well placed song or track can make or break your video.
  • Pay attention to what your scenes are communicating to your audience and what you want them to say. It sounds obvious, but it's worth revisiting!

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