TRS Support Team

The TRS Support Team is a joint effort from staff members on campus to provide holistic support for homeless and foster youth at USD. The staff members are from strategic departments on-campus that include: Office of Student Affairs, Housing/ Residential Life, Student Support Services, Financial Aid, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Photo of Cynthia Avery

Dr. Cynthia Avery
Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
Hahn UC 232

Photo of Pauline Powell Berryman Pauline (Berryman) Powell
Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
FH 114
Photo of Ophelia Augustine Ophelia Augustine
Academic Coordinator, Student Support Services
BA 301
Photo of Colleen Smith Colleen Smith
Scholarship Assistant/Executive Assistant
HC 319

Patti Tarantino
Financial Aid Counselor
HC 314

Krystn Shrieve Krystn Shrieve
Director of Projects, Advancement Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
DAC 306
Photo of Austin Galy

Austin P. Galy
Assistant Director, Mulvaney Center

Photo of Amanda Taylor Amanda Taylor (Puetz)
Undergraduate Advisor, School of Business
OH 142