Student Testimonials

As someone who was formerly in guardianship, foster care and homeless for a point in time, I think I worried about completely different things than the average first year college student. I worried about being able to fit in, keep up with my school work, and not allow my past and family situation to negatively affect my future and my time here at USD.

One of the programs that helped a ton with my transition was the Torero Renaissance Scholars program. It helped me to know that there were other people who came from similar backgrounds that I did. It feels good to know that people can identify with you on a deeper level.

When I came here, I knew that I had people who genuinely cared about me and overall well being. TRS offers a very unique support system. It is helpful with academics and finances, which can be very hard.

TRS not only encourages you to pursue your goals, but offers ways to help you do it. The TRS program has made such an impact on my experience at USD.



As a Torero Renaissance Scholar I have been opened up to a world of opportunities as well as a wonderful community of people. I came to USD financially independent and believed that I had to struggle to get where I wanted to be; in TRS I learned that this is not so. I have a great many resources I need only utilize. Additionally, it is through TRS that I have obtained a steady and secure internship. My experience as an aquarist has ultimately been my foot in the door in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography community. As a biology major it is a fine occurrence when I can drift from the pencil-to-paper routine and acquire more hands-on work where my knowledge in the classroom can be applied. I give my thanks to TRS for being my advocate as a student and as a person. During my first year at USD I noticed I am quite different from many other students, and I find myself more stable and at ease knowing that I have a family in TRS to consult and aid me in my current and future endeavors here at USD and abroad.



I allowed myself to open up more to people and build incredible friendships and have spontaneous experiences which enhanced my experience at USD. My experience took a complete 180 and my success in many ways is ascribed to the additional support I received when faced with the most challenging aspects of my time here at USD.

There are individuals here for you at all levels of support that can really be an advocate on your behalf and assist you in the best way they know how. While I have put forth considerable work towards my experience here on campus, these relationships have been an integral part of my success.