TRS Program

How to Enroll

You must first apply directly to USD and be admitted as a first-year or transfer student. TRS is primarily a support program for students who are admitted to and choose to attend USD; TRS is not a pre-college or direct admission program.

To apply to USD, you need to fill out the Common Application and other required materials by the required deadline.

Once students have applied, TRS members are identified through their financial aid application and must fill out an enrollment form. We welcome all students who have experience in the foster care system, regardless of the length of their case or their current living situation. TRS also welcomes students who at any point have been wards of the court, emancipated minors, homeless, or in kinship care. If you are a current USD student who has not been contacted by our program and believe you might be eligible please contact us.

Once a part of the TRS program

TRS Coach - Each TRS scholar receives a coach that belongs to the TRS support team whose goal is to provide holistic support to all scholars. Scholars have the opportunity to meet with their coach through the academic year to check - in and receive support where needed in their college experiences

Torero Renaissance Scholars Summer Internship Program

TRS has offered summer internship program from to 3-5 scholars each summer.. These internships are aimed to be tailored to student’s interests, are paid and provide on campus housing as well as personal and professional growth and support. Students have the opportunity to network and attend workshops on career development.