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Spring Break: March 2-11, 2012

The Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (CHWP) wants to help make sure that your break is memorable and safe! Whether you’re traveling away or staying in San Diego, here are some tips to keep in mind during Spring Break!

  • Check your seatbelt. Make sure it’s on and secure.
  • Make sure you know the directions to where you are going. Make decisions in advance about to get there, and bring a map!
  • Make sure that whoever is driving has not been drinking. Call a sober friend or taxi for a safe ride.
  • Be sure to be well rested before driving
  • Check your water intake; make sure to be hydrated and bring water!
  • Have enough fuel for your car and body! Make sure you get enough food before driving so you are not distracted by hunger.
  • Be sure to wear sunscreen to avoid sunburns and skin damage.
  • Be smart about going anywhere with someone you don’t know and watch out for friends

Staying in San Diego? The break is a perfect time to try a fitness class!

  • Monday (3/5) Power Yoga,12:00 - 12:55pm
  • Tuesday (3/6) Power Pilates,12:30 - 1:25pm
  • Wednesday (3/7) Yoga Sculpt,12:00 - 12:55pm
  • Thursday (3/8) Power Yoga,12:30 - 1:25pm

Classes are free to current Fit & Active/Fit into Spring members. Non-members may enjoy classes for $5/day or $10 for the week.

Also, if you are looking for a meal on campus, make sure to read Auxiliary Services' Spring Break Hours! Only La Gran Terraza, O’Tooles, Tu Mercado, the Torero Store and Campus Card Service will be open during the week.

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