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Understanding what it takes to be a leader begins with learning about you. It’s finding your voice, building your confidence and developing your values. For over 60 years, USD has been committed to preparing leaders committed to ethical conduct and compassionate service. And to us, these aren’t just words; they are the cornerstone of our mission to help each and every Torero develop to their fullest potential. As a student at USD, you can choose from a wide range of leadership programs, trainings and group retreats that will help you find your place in the world — and ultimately, empower you to change it.

Emerging Leaders Class

The Emerging Leaders Class provides a unique opportunity for first-year Toreros to learn about leadership in a for credit classroom setting.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Approximately 25 percent of our undergraduates are members of a fraternity or sorority. Greek Life offers involvement around five core values: Academic Excellence, High Social Standards, Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Social Justice and Selfless Service, and Leadership.

Leadership Opportunities

Students who are interested in leadership positions on campus can see a spreadsheet of various opportunities offered at USD here.

Leadership Retreats

A great way to develop your leadership potential is by attending a leadership retreat. There are retreats for all types of interests from equality issues (Empower Leadership Retreat) to issues of social justice (United Front Multicultural Center Leadership Retreat) and many more.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures provides various leadership development programs from outing guide training to the Be Blue, Go Green team to the REACH program. Eco-LEEP is another wonderful way to serve your community and develop yourself as a leader and an advocate for environmental sustainability.

Peer Education

Toreros who are interested in becoming leaders or who feel called to action have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from. These range from health (SAFE Sexual Assault Peer Educators and Campus Connections) to academics (Link Peer Mentoring Program and Peer Advisors) to social justice (Rainbow Educators) to environmental causes (Be Blue, Go Green and Eco-LEEP) and even disciplinary reviews (Peer Hearing Board).

Preceptorial Assistants

Preceptorial Assistants (PA) provide academic guidance to freshmen. It is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the academic requirements on campus, and to reach out and assist those making their transition from high school to college.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RA) are an integral part of many students’ first independent living situation. Being an RA also provides fun and challenging leadership opportunities for anyone interested in making an impact on the lives of fellow Toreros.

Student Athletes

These Toreros are not just athletes, but also prominent representatives of the university! Though it may seem like all they do is compete in athletic events, they represent USD both at home and away. Be sure to check out some of the games on campus to support your fellow Toreros!

Student Employment

Working on campus is not just a job; it is a place to develop leadership skills in the work place! USD provides a range of opportunities for Toreros that can be found through our Student Employment office.

Student Government

USD’s Associated Students (AS) is a strong advocate for undergraduate student issues. Participating in AS and in the governing process is a rewarding way to develop as a leader. Other student government entities include the Graduate Student Council for graduate students, the Student Bar Association for law students and the Residence Hall Association for resident students.

Student Media

Did you know that USDtv, the Vista student newspaper and USD Radio are all entirely student run and managed? You can explore these great ways to reach wide audiences and become the voice of your peers!

Student Organizations

Getting involved with a student group is a great way to connect and challenge yourself in one of hundreds of leadership positions. Student organizations are often the catalysts for social movements and causes and are often called upon to affect change on campus. You can even create a new student group if you would like to start a club or organization. For a full list of all USD sponsored student organizations, visit Torero Orgs.

Torero Board/Torero Squad

The Torero Board (T-Board) and the Torero Squad (T-Squad) are the Toreros responsible for planning and implementing the Torero Days events and assisting new students with their transition into USD. These student teams are responsible for making a great first impression and for leading new Toreros in their first experiences at USD.

Torero Program Board

Torero Program Board (TPB) is a great way to get involved on campus through programming events like concerts, speakers, cultural events and much, much more! TPB works collaboratively with groups across campus to put on events for all Toreros to enjoy.

University Ministry

In addition to exploring or deepening your spiritual life, University Ministry offers many student leadership roles. Toreros wanting to lead retreats, service projects, or assist with liturgical ministry opportunities are encouraged to contact the University Ministry office.