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One of the best parts about USD is experiencing life on campus. Whether you’re meeting up with friends to enjoy student concerts at Aromas, deepening your spiritual connection by attending our All Faith Service, or simply blowing off some pre-finals stress by participating in a video game tournament in Frank's Lounge, the friendly and energetic atmosphere provides you with ample opportunities to connect with our campus community.

Alcalá Bazaar

The Alcalá Bazaar, held in the first two weeks of each semester, provides an opportunity for clubs, organizations and departments to share their information with students who might be interested ingetting involved. All students are encouraged to join and actively participate in a minimum of one student organization. Come on out and see what the excitement is all about!


USD’s Alumni are a very involved group in the community and want to see current Toreros succeed! You can find out ways to connect with alumni through Alumni Relations and through the Student Alumni Association.

Associated Students

Every undergraduate student is a member of Associated Students (AS). There are many options for students to get involved with AS Senate, Torero Program Board and various committees.

Campus Calendar

USD hosts a wide range of special events including cultural events, spiritual events (like Mass and Services), Graduate Student events, Athletic events, Torero Program Board events and more on a weekly basis. Check out our online calendar to see what’s going on this week!

Outdoor Adventures

If you want to experience the natural wonders of Southern California with your friends, stop by Outdoor Adventures (OA) for all of your equipment needs. They have every thing from backpacks to surfboards to mountain climbing gear. OA also offers guided trips that are open to the entire community to explore some of California’s and the world’s most breathtaking wilderness. OA also offers programs like Eco-LEEP that connect Toreros who are interested in environmental sustainability issues.

Performing Arts

Music can bring anyone together. Why not join a performing arts group like an a cappella group or a theater production club and see if you’d enjoy being an artist? You can even experience a Broadway show with by purchasing discounted tickets sponsored by the Torero Program Board. You can check out the Music Department and the Theatre Arts Department for additional information.

Residence Hall Programs and Learning Communities

The Residence Halls are not just places to live. They are vibrant communities for you to interact with people from all walks of life! The Residence Hall Programs, Residence Hall Learning Communities and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) strive to develop areas that will allow all Toreros to come together and interact.


One of the best ways to connect with other Toreros is on a retreat. There are retreats for all types of interests from spiritual retreats (Pre-Orientation Retreat, Search) to leadership (Empower Leadership Retreat, Men’s Retreat, and the United Front Multicultural Center Leadership Retreat) to social justice (Greater than Yourself Diversity and Inclusion Retreat), Senior Retreat and many more.

Student Athletes

These Toreros are not just athletes, but also prominent representatives of the university! Though it may seem like all they do is compete in athletic events, they represent USD both at home and away. Be sure to check out some of the games on campus to support your fellow Toreros!

Student Involvement and Information Desk

The Student Involvement and Information Desk is located on the second floor of the Student Life Pavilion, just outside Tú Mercado. Staffed by highly trained and involved students, this is where you can find out how to get involved on campus, what’s happening each day, more information on an upcoming event and more!

Student Leadership and Involvement Center

The Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) is your hub for undergraduate involvement including Associated Students, Student Organizations, the Torero Program Board and Fraternity/Sorority Life. You can stop by the offices to find out information on all things leadership and involvement at USD.

Student Organizations and Fraternity and Sorority Life

With so many student organizations to choose from, most Toreros quickly find a way to connect with other students who have similar interests. Want to start a new club? It is easy with the guidance and support of the staff in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center. Torero Orgs lists all of the current student organizations, and their contact information or to even start a new one!

Torero Days

Arriving on campus for the first time for Torero Days is an exciting and challenging time. The Torero Squad (T-Squad) and the Torero Board (T-Board) are here to make sure you can start connecting with your new family the moment you set foot on campus!

Torero Weekends

There’s plenty to do if you have a little down time after classes and studying! Stop by Frank’s Lounge (Hahn UC 279 to play a game of pool with your friends, grab a cup of coffee from Tú Mercado or Aromas or even catch a movie outside the Student Life Pavilion on the Plaza Mayor steps. There are so many activities on campus and in San Diego, even the most active people will stay busy all year long. Be sure to check out what’s going on in San Diego, your transportation options, and other discounted ticket options.

United Front Multicultural Center

The United Front Multicultural Center (UFMC) invites all to connect and experience diverse cultures, explore identities, engage in dialogue and empower each other to create a vibrant and inclusive community. The UFMC has many leadership opportunities, retreats, resources and multicultural student organizations for those wanting to become more involved.

Women's Center

The Women’s Center is a great resource to connect with students who are interested in issues of privilege and equality as it relates to gender issues. They offer service opportunities, retreats and discussion groups to enhance your understanding of the world surrounding gender and women’s issues.