All You Can Bleach

  1. What you'll need:
    • Bleach (of any kind)
    • Gloves
    • Dark colored cloth
    • rubber bands
    • An outfit that can risk getting bleached in the process!
  2. Find a safe place to do this (rec: Sink, Tub, Shower)
  3. Pick your design!
    • Classic Folding:
      • Lay shirt flat and place a fork in the middle
      • Begin turning fork until shirt is bunched up in a spiral from
      • Add rubber bands to secure the fabric
    • Ombre Design
      • Dip the portion of the shirt you want bleached in bleach and leave
        soaking until you see effects
      • Tip: For a more gradual design if you have bleach in a spray bottle, after
        soaking you can spray the bleach on the cloth **Be sure to protect your
        eyes if you use this step**
  4. Bleaching: Wear gloves and be handle bleach with caution
    • Start by pouring bleach in small amounts
    • Do not use a large amount of bleach for one item
    • Tip: listen to your body! Have a headache from the fumes? Don't
  5. Wait 30 minutes or until you can see the bleaching effects!
  6. Wash and dry ASAP
    • This is to prevent holes being made in the cloth of your choosing
  7. That's all! If you do this, post a photo and tag @usd_tpb!
photo of ombre and original bleach patterns