Pregnant and Parenting Students

Title IX protects pregnant and parenting students from discrimination.  As a Catholic institution of higher learning, University of San Diego recognizes that the care and support of family is at the heart of Catholic social teaching. Consistent with our mission and Catholic identity, University of San Diego acknowledges the importance of supporting pregnant and parenting students by addressing their special needs and assisting them in completing their studies.

Pregnancy and parenthood are likely two of the most powerful experiences a person will face in her or his lifetime. It is important for the expectant mother and/or father and parenting student to feel supported, cared for and one with the university community. Pregnancies offer the challenge of balancing preparation for childbirth with an academic schedule. It is not only our calling to support the pregnant woman and/or father and parenting student but our challenge to provide you with a positive community in which to live.

An overview of the full range of services available to pregnant and parenting students