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SAT Course Features

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SAT booksThis three and a half hour exam is second in importance only to your high school grades in the college admissions process.  How can you prepare effectively for the SAT?  Our SAT Preparation Course is based on an established program that has helped make the difference for 5,000 students. Don’t face the test unprepared!

Effective Instruction

Familiarize yourself with the SAT format and content. You will begin our course with a diagnostic SAT. Learn to score your exam and assess strengths and weaknesses.

Develop and apply arithmetic, algebra, geometry, vocabulary, and reading skills needed to improve your score.  Lectures follow specially prepared course materials that are regularly updated to reflect changes in the SAT. Homework assignments and in-class testing provide practice in applying the strategies taught in the Course.

Learn the secrets of good test taking.  The instructors take the test apart to show how it’s put together, teaching you specific strategies and timesaving methods.

Simulate a real SAT.  You will end the course with a proctored mock exam administered under timed conditions to measure your improvement and provide additional practice. 

The Team That Works for You! 

Experienced, encouraging teachers, committed to each student in the classroom are trained in the SAT curriculum and every instructor’s performance is regularly evaluated by the program directors.  Our team of instructors includes educators from public and private secondary schools and colleges, as well as working professionals.

Since 1980, USD’s SAT Preparation Course has prepared over 3,000 students for this college admission’s challenge!

Course Materials:  The Real Thing 

Practice on actual test questions is the best way to understand and master this test! Course materials include The Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT, published by the College Board.  Teachers administer timed practice tests to measure your performance and progress.  Additional materials cover specifics of vocabulary building, mathematic principles and the college application process.

A Personal Commitment

Personal Attention is our commitment to all students.  A small class size ensures the instructor’s ability to maximize each student’s potential. 

USD’S SAT Preparation Course combines several instructional methods to give you the most comprehensive training possible.  However, if you are dissatisfied with your score or remain hesitant about taking the test, you are welcome to repeat the course as many times as you wish at no additional cost! A fee will be charged for additional materials and parking.

Flexible Schedules 

Frequent start dates are offered at the University of San Diego.   Classes are also available in Temecula.  Classes are held on weekends, allowing students to focus on SAT Preparation without the pressure of school homework deadlines.  Summer courses are also available!

Who Takes the Course? 

  • All College-bound students will benefit from a thorough review of substantive material and test-taking strategy
  • Seniors seeking to improve their test scores overcome anxiety and develop confidence.
  • Juniors preparing for the PSAT will be introduced to the exam format and the challenge of standardized testing.
  • Students are welcome to repeat the course at no charge.