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Drop Shadow

GRE Course Features


In a computer adaptive format, the GRE presents multiple choice questions types that measure verbal, quantitative (math) reasoning, and critical thinking skills.  USD's course assists students with developing and applying vocabulary skills, and critical reading methods to aggressively tackle the exam.  A thorough review of basic and complex math principles sharpens the ability to move smoothly through the GRE.

Effective Instruction Plan

Review each question type on the GRE to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.  Our instructors then take the GRE apart to show you how it is put together, teaching you specific strategies and tactics for each type of question.

Learn the exam format and grasp the proper approach to complex questions. Make educated split-second decisions, and know when to work out a problem on paper.

Acquire skills and strategies for success on standardized exams.

Discuss questions with the instructor in an interactive format, focusing on particular problem areas and questions to practice valuable techniques and correct errors before the actual exam.

Course Materials: The Real Thing

Practice on real GREs is essential to a successful score on this exam.  Course materials include GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test, published by the test-makers.  The preparation guide contains many exercises, practice questions, and tips.  Also included is a CD that provides students opportunity for supplemental practice.  

A Personal Commitment 

Personal Attention is our commitment to all students.  Counselors are available to assist students with the admissions process, entrance requirements, and personal statements.

USD's GRE Preparation Course combines several instructional methods to give you the most comprehensive training.  If, however, you are dissatisfied with your score or remain hesitant about taking the exam, you are welcome to repeat the same course for up to one year at no additional cost.

Flexible Schedules 

Frequent start dates and programs of two lengths are available and are scheduled for students to meet most admissions deadlines.  The 42-hour GRE Preparation Course is divided into 14 sessions which meet two evenings per week over a seven-week period. The 21-hour FASTPREP class, offered on weekends OR weeknights, focuses primarily on strategies. The same thorough materials are used for both classes.